Creamy moisturiser without leaving your skin greasy. Good primer to prepare your skin before makeup. Nice smells too not too overpowering.
Good primer before makeup
This product is amazing as it has so many functions! I tried it as a moisturizer and undereye cream it was very hydrating but feels a little too oily for me. I will use it on days my skin is really dry and need an extra boost. I tried it to remove makeup as well and it works perfectly. Does not have thd dry/tugging feeling that sometimes other makup remover causes. I used the cream to apply on my legs too after shaving to minimise irritation. With so many different functions i really find this to be useful and worth it!
Useful product!
It works as a primer for my skin as I apply on my face and neck before make up.Easily absorbed and non greasy. I liked the texture and smell.
Hydrating for dry skin
The texture is light and this makes it perfect under makeup. Skin feels moisturised when used on its own as a day moisturiser. I like it.
was very excited to receive this as i love products that have multi functions. This cream can be used as a face cream moisturiser make-up remover and make up skin prep! i tried to use it as a moisturiser this morning and it feel a little heavy and the jasmine fragrance is a tad overwhelming for me. However my skin do not feel oily after half a day which is a surprise considering how it feel heavy when i applied it.I also tried using it as a mask and it definitely hydrate the skin very well. The skin feel more hydrated after i washed it off.
Multi functions product
Its been a few days since I have been using Lait-Creme Concentre and this product is amazing. Moreover its multi-purpose use makes it my all-time go-to skin cream. It keeps my skin well hydrated soft and perfectly moisturized. It is gentle on the skin and easy to apply. I will definitely recommend this to anyone looking for their perfect skincare regime.
Highly Recommend!!
Wonderful and great moisturiser! Although slightly oily at first application my skin feel so smooth in the next morning. Best of all it acts well as make up base and moisturiser which is paraben free.
Best moisturiser ever tried!
Really like this product as it is hydrating to my skin with a faint fragrance.
Moisturised skin saviour
A must hv all in one cream. Love the texture. Non greasy. Leaving skin soft n velvety. Skin slightly lightens after applying. Definitely a must buy.
Is a good moisturiser for my face and body! It helps to reduce on dry skin. It hydrates my skin and is very good and non sticky. Loving it. So easy to use!
Lait creme concentre
I use it as a moisturiser cream and makeup primer. My dry skin become hydrating immediately after applying. Thumbs up:)
Hydrating & moisturising cream
This product has many function i have tried as night cream cleanser make up remover hand cream and as mask as well~ it was amazing it make my skin feel hydrated and moistures~ happy with the try~
Multifunction product
Lait Creme Concentre hails from France and does an amazing job in being an awesome moisturizer and a makeup primer. Despite its intense moisturizing ability it didn't feel heavy on my face at all. That's why you can apply a generous layer of it as a moisturizing mask if you like.A little of the product goes a long way in hydrating my face and I love how it leaves behind a smooth finish. No wonder it works well as a makeup primer. It provides that smooth canvas for you to apply your base makeup. You can also use this as a cleanser to remove makeup although I am not crazy over its texture as a makeup remover. It works but it's just not my favourite way of removing makeup. I'll certainly stick to using this as a moisturizer/makeup primer instead. 🙂
Multipurpose Lait Creme Concentre
Been using this as a moisturizer for my face and dry parts of my body (Eg elbows hands) and it’s been incredibly hydrating with no greasy after feel that one might think would be present with the product name being a concentrate. It leaves skin soft supple and soothed. What piqued my interest was the multiple ways to use this product as well- I’ve tried it as a leave on mask by applying a thick layer on cleansed skin before wiping it off with a warm muslin cloth & it has left my skin moisturized & soothed. Definitely an addition to my current skincare regimen & would recommend this!
Extremely moisturizing & leaves skin soothed and smooth
Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentre is multi-function so can be used as daily moisturizer or hydrating mask. I like its pleasant smell and light texture which is easily absorbed by skin. I am a satisfied user of Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentre as french skin care products is always well-known for its quality.
Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentre
After three days I felling hydrated and soft skin. The perfume is nice and similar to dermatologist cream. The texture is soft and more thick in the hand but in the face absorbed very fast and it isn’t oily.
After three days with LAIT-CRÈME
A multi functional moisturizer that can also be used as a makeup primer moisturizing mask or makeup remover. When I first applied it as a moisturizer I thought it would be too heavy due to the creamy texture and ingredients but I was wrong! It melts right into the skin and keeps my skin soft moisturized and supple all day without clogging my pores. It works wonderfully as a makeup base. My skin usually tends to get drier and flaky underneath my foundation throughout the day not a pleasant sight! But with this I didn't notice any flaky skin and the foundation looks even better than I initially applied as the day goes on. I have also used it with a cotton bud to clean up any mascara and eyeliner smudges. There is a slight scent to it that reminds me of Jasmine flower not a scent that I prefer but it dissipates quickly.
Great makeup primer!
The product smells nice & is not too oily for my sensitive skin. Very moisturising.
Ideal for sensitive skin
I personally have combination skin type and was always skeptical of using face products that are of a thicker consistency as i was afraid that it would block my pores resulting in acne. I was pleasantly surprised that this cream is of a light consistency and absorbs well to my skin without causing breakouts. Was also impressed by the number of usage that this concentrates offers. Besides using it as a super awesome moisturizer it works well as a make up base and remover too! I also see that Shea butter is one of the ingredients too. Greatly recommend to those who have dry skin as it moisturizers my dry spots effectively at times when i dap in too much pimple cream causing the area to dry out. Can't wait to try it out moisturizing mask as well. And for those who are sensitive to smell fear not. This product is from France and the smell is very subtle.
A little goes a long way...
Used it for a few days and the cream has been good at moisturising my skin but without the heavy feeling that same moisturisers give :)I have yet to try it under makeup but by how smooth and matte it feels when applied now it should be go great as a base.
Light but moisturising
I used this before i make up n it hold the make up very well n keep my skin moist at the same timeI have sensitive skin but my skin doesn’t have have any bad reaction to it.Thumbs up
Multi purpose cream
I have combination skin and this make up base make my skin feel hydrated and not oily. It is very light weight with very light scent. I like how it create a hydrate skin before make up and my make up last longer without cakey look. Now i just apply this with loose powder. I really like the texture of the cream. Definitely worth to purchase.
Best hydrating make up base
I enjoyed using this great moisturiser Embryolisee lait creme concentre which is lightweight & good for keeping my skin moisturised it has a light fragrance & is suitable for all skin types!! 😊
My product experience with this great moisturiser
Good as night moisturizer. Easy to apply. Interesting smell. Tried using as make up base but i didnt like it.
Moisturising but not very suitable as make up base
Really moisturising. But alittle too oily. Try applying lesser and it works better.
So convenient and light. Is now my only cream to apply on the go!
All in one cream
A cream that serves as a moisturizer makeup primer after shave cream moisturizing mask and makeup remover does this sound too good to be true? As magical as it sounds Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is a multi-function nourishing moisturizer that is able to soothe skin instantly. The cream has a low viscosity super lightweight that it sinks into my skin instantly after application making layering with subsequent makeup products a breeze without extra weight. Despite of its lightweight and thin consistency the cream offers a long lasting and deep moisturization. I love to use it as a night mask and wake up to a softer and smoother skin. Besides Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré is so mild and gentle that it's approved to be used on babies too!I have been using Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré so frequently these days due to its great soothing and moisturizing effects you should give it a try too!
My Current Favourite Cream!
I tried this product for a week time which is surprisedly good for use. The smell is nice and like essential oil and for combination skin type I only use small quantity at night. For day time I refer to use lotion which is lighter. Since the quantity is 75ml if apply for neck and body also a good option.
No adverse reaction. Gave my skin a nice glow when I use it before makeup
Amazing product I never knew I needed
This product keeps my skin hydrated even i sit in air-condition room during office hour... strongly recommend
Great to receive this product. As it's multi-function usage.Can use as a moisturiser makeup remover mask and etc. Smooth and easy apply you wouldn't feel any sticky after apply on your face. You will feeling face more brighter and fresher
Embryolisse Moisturizing
I started using this product on 26feb and I’m writing this review on 2mar after using it daily for 5days.. I must say that my skin feels supple and moisturized. I used to have peeling skin on my hairline but my condition improved after trying Embryolisse creme. I strongly recommend this to people with dehydrated skin.
A product I will be keen to purchase
I week I used it I i can say the best moisturizer .Because it’s easily absorb in my skin and prevent it from drying . My area of work is a airconditioned set ulmy skin feels dry.I used Embryolisse no more dryness. And its easy to used not greasy can carry everywhere and anytime.I feel bright when I used now I believed that it acts as a primer too.I will recommend this to my friends and family.
Amazing Embryolisse
As a Professional MUA this is one of the products that cannot run out. I can’t emphasize how important it is for your skincare before makeup to be light because heavy skincare will cause your makeup to slip off and you wouldn’t want your makeup that you did for 1 hour or longer to slip off just in 10mins when you step out. This creme is light yet hydrating enough to let your foundation to go on smoothly and will leave a beautiful glow (letting people think that it’s you who’s glowing). I had a client who had sensitive skin because she went for a laser treatment before the appointment. This is the only skincare product that I used on her because I know it will not aggravate her skin condition and true enough thank God the makeup went on smoothly and lasted for the whole night. Definitely can’t leave the house if it’s not in my kit.
Holy Grail
I was impressed by the texture / consistency of this cream. It was creamy but not too thick. After application it did not leave a sticky residue on my skin. It was absorbed quickly even in this humid Singapore climate. The next morning I felt that my skin was more plumper up and softer to the touch.
My skin is softer and plumped!
It is very hydrating for my skin. It leaves the skin smooth and silky feeling. It is non sticky and absorb fast.
Amazed by how one single product can be multi function ranging from moisturizer to makeup primer to moisturizing mask. It’s ideal for dry skin like mine as it is very moisturizing and somehow my skin looks more radiant and supple. Definitely ideal as a prep before applying makeup.
Embryolisse Lait-creme concentre
For the price it is definitely a steal for a multi-function moisturizer. I have use this product for a week both day and night as my moisturizer for my face and body. The photo shown is 1 week of usage as you can see I don't need to use much for application.The consistency is creamy and my skin feels velvety upon application. An excellent makeup primer for dry skin! My make up stays much longer when I use it as my makeup base around my cheek area. Would definitely use it as my makeup base.In terms of using it as a moisturizer it wouldn't be my first choice for my face for night use as I require heavier moisturizer to keep the moisture in (the woe of sleeping in air-conditioned room). I would probably use it on top of my moisturizer. Nonetheless it does an amazing job with the dryness on my elbow and knee comparable to some of my favorite body lotion.
Lait-Creme Concentre (multi-purpose moisturizer)
Product has a light texture that does not leave an oily feelibg behind. Prefect to be used as base especially for sensitive and oily skin.
Good product
I love how this cream has multi purpose usage. It can be used as moisturiser and makeup remover. It smells floral and sweet. The cream is light and easy to spread.No oily feel after application.
Multi purpose & nice smelling
The product is rather unassuming and clinical looking. I was surprised to know that the product doubles up as moisturiser face mask and as a primer! I have used it as all 3 underneath my make up on my neck and as a face mask. It made my skin glowy and supple the next day! I think the most effective was when I used it as a face mask- washing off the product made my skin feel fresh!
Supple skin
Generous full size sample. It is light cream based moisturizer which is easily absorbed upon application. I also liked that it is unscented and paraben-free with mostly organic and natural ingredients. Also works well as primer under makeup as it is not oily. Will recommend this product
EMBRYOLISSE Lait-creme concentre
Nice flowery smell. Slightly sticky as with all body lotions but still bearable. Doesn't cause irritation on my sensitive skin. Would be better if it is more moisturising. As I have eczema I need extra moisturising creams.
No irritation for sensitive skin
Easily absorbed. Not sticky at all! Very lightweight and smells good.
Good moisturiser very light weight
Versatile product that works as a moisturiser makeup primer and even makeup remover. Packaging looks professional and is clearly labelled. Will need to try for a longer period of time to ascertain long-term or more visible effects.
After application my skin looks smooth and brighter. The multi-functions benefits save much of my time. I just need to apply this primer at one application.
Lynn Chang
It is miracle
I had rather sensitive and dry skin especially during humid and hot weather the condition will worsen with redness on skin. My skin became better even after the first application it helps to smooth the redness and my face is much moisture the following day and I really love the fact that the cream doesn’t leave a sticky feel
Lait creme concentrate
It’s a multifunction product that has a light fragrance. I have sensitive skin and this product didn’t irritate my skin. I used this product as a moisturiser and makeup base every day ever since I got it. It was very moisturising and helped to ease my dry flaky skin. I’ve yet to use it for other purposes (as a mask or cleanser) but I’ll definitely continue to use it.
Not bad
I have fine lines on my Forehead and dry skin. I feel that my skin is smooth after using it for a few days.
Lait-Creme concentre
Light texture and felt that it was not too heavy or thick on my skin. Will continue usage to see effects.
Gentle and soothing
This product is great because it is multi functional. I have tried it as a moisturiser and found that it is not sticky gets absorbed rather quickly into the skin. And best of all the after application is like there's a skin barrier formed and this is good in keeping my skin hydrated. The cream texture is not too heavy and has a light jasmine scent. If you are looking for 1 product to function as a moisturiser makeup remover cleansing aftershave cream and even for your baby this is the product that you wouldn't wanna miss.
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentratre
I like this moisturizer! It is hydrating without being greasy and leaves a nice glow to the skin.
Hydrating cream
Lightweight and absorbed fast. Have only tried it as a moisturiser so far rather than primer or mask as I wanted to slowly use this product longer haha. My dry areas around my lips have gotten better and face look slight more radiant as well though its a bit difficult to view from the photo.
I didn’t know about this brand until I tried it out and look for reviews online. It’s formula is suitable for all skin types and even for babies. My face feel softer and smoother. Non greasy and absorbs fast into skin. Used it as a base before applying makeup. Highly recommend to those with dry dull and flaky skin.
Iris Li
Non greasy and light
I truly loved this. It may feel heavy and thick for day use with make up on so recommended for night before you go to bed. It makes my skin softer and tender.! It deeply hydrates even under eye without irritation.
Excellent moisturiser
Am surprised it came with so many function which serves as moisturiser primer and even cleanser. Used it mainly as moisturiser and it is helps!
Embryolisse cream
Thank you Embryolisse Lait Crème Concentré! You have been a great help in my daily routine:1. Face & Body Moisturiser2. Make Up Primer3. Make Up Spot Removal4. Moisturising Mask.As a biker my skin gets dry under the weather. This multi-functional moisturiser has helped me save a lot of time when putting on my make up as well as keeping my skin hydrated. It fits my busy lifestyle perfectly!
The Perfect Multi-Functional Moisturiser that fits my busy schedule.
I was told that the cream can be apply on face or body it is rich in moisture and could felt that right after applied on face and hand! My face is softer and smooth after the application highly recommended for people who are dry and oily skin!
Embryolisse Concentrated Lait Cream
Packaging is simple and no frills. A little product goes a long way! It is very moisturising and gives the skin a nice healthy glow after it absorbs! It spreads very easily on the skin such that there is no skin dragging when applying it. I also noticed that my sunscreen blended much better after application of the Embryolisse creme so I would think makeup base would blend beautifully as well! After 12 hours of wearing it my skin didn’t feel dry even in the dry aircon office environment. Would recommend to dry normal and combo skin people!
Embryolisse Lait Creme Concentre Review
Great product that has a slight pleasant scent and was lighter than expected on the skin!
Nice product!
I have tried this product and like it very much. I will recommend this product to my friends too. This product retains moisture and after using my skin is more silky smooth and soft.
Highly raved product that did not disappoint! It really lived up to all the hype. It is perfect as a makeup base quick mask and daily moisturiser. I was afraid that it might be too rich for my normal to combination skin type. It absorbs really well and did not break me out. I suffered a few cuts and applied it for better healing purposes. Overall I highly recommend anyone to try!
Gold standard!
Nice to use non-sticky and light. Skin feels soft and moisturized after using it. It is multi-used a thin layer as a make up primer or a thick layer as a moisturizing mask.
Good moisturizer!
Very nice floral fragrance. Just need a little to moisturise a relatively big area. Amazed with its many uses. Used it as a body & hand cream & it leaves my skin smooth & moisturised. Also tried lightly dabbing a little over makeup. Doesn't smudge my foundation & i just need to apply loose powder over as touch up.
Helps my skin maintain good hydration seeing as how it has quite a few occlusive ingredients. Spreads quite nicely and fairly creamy. Fragrance is not too intense like some expensive high-end brands. I have combination skin but I think this would also be good for people with slightly dry skin/ live in drier climates! However I don't use this as a primer before my makeup during the day as sunscreen protection is very important to me so I usually only use my sunscreen as a base. I can see this being a night-time moisturiser before makeup if you are getting ready to just go out at night though.
Nice no-frills moisturiser
My skin is very dry and especially after being in air con for whole day is gets too rough but thanks to this creme it keeps my skin soft and nourished and ya hydrated 🙂 ❤️
It does wonders.
i have used it as a night moisturizer and I woke up to soft and hydrated skin. Some products feel oily in the morning but this feels just right. It is quickly absorbed by the skin and it doesnt leave any sticky feeling.It is also effective as a makeup remover. And it is also gentle on the eyes and lips.With its many uses and being an all around product it would be good to bring along when we have the chance to travel again
As the weather get hotter and staying in air-conditioned room more often my kneecap and elbows have been very dry and cracked Lait-Creme works wonder on those area. I have also use it as a night moisturer after daily routine although it felt a bit heavy and thick I woke up without my skin feeling oily and felt it has replenish overnight.
Heavy duty moisturiser
After using Embryolisse - LAIT-CREME CONCENTRE I feel my skin more healthy and charming
I received this product for testing two weeks ago. It is a multi function nourishing cream - where you can use it as a make up primer face body and hand moisturizer cream cleanser as well as mask. But I later found out that it can also be used as a make-up remover as well as an after-shave cream. That’s a lot of usage.. I can imagine that it would be very useful for traveling or when there is a need to pack light. One cream to do many things.It is smooth in texture and has a nice scent to it. The smooth texture makes it easy to apply make up on top of it as a make up primer. I tried using it on my face hands and body and I think it’s a bit too heavy in moisturizing quality for my face. For my hands and body it’s perfect and I really loved it. I would recommend it for anyone who has dry skin or going to a dry climate and need extra moisturizing. You can also consider the Lait-creme sensitive version if you need a lighter version.
Embryolisse Lait-Creme Concentré
Multiple function cream almost all in one. I have been using it as a moisturiser and also a overnight mask. The cream is a little rich but it’s not too oily. Smells pretty light as well which I love and it gives the face a dewy healthy look.
Multi-function product
I have dry to normal skin and at the age of 30 I want a moisturiser that does it’s job well.I was pleasantly surprised by Embryolisse as I initially thought it’d be quite thick. It has a liquid cream texture that’s not too heavy and it absorbs quickly into the skin.It’s also great as a makeup primer so I found it really convenient to use it as both moisturiser and primer in the daytime. It also works great when I layer it on overnight on my skin. I had dry patches on my chin and arm so I tested the efficacy of it on these especially. It helped soothe the dryness within a few hours and it cleared up the dry patch on my chin. It has a pleasant smell that reminds me of roses. It’s a huge quantity and can last for quite some time with the 75ml especially since it works so well. Overall the product definitely works great as a basic moisturiser. It’s not a complex product with serums etc added to it but it’s a great choice if you’re looking for a trusty moisturiser to combat those dry moments.
Really enjoy this moisturizer
Moisturising and doesn't feel oily even though there's a bit of sheen when I first apply it. I use it as a body lotion and it is suitable for my eczema skin.
Lair-Creme concentre
I love the multi function of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré. I have been used it as day cream night cream body and hand lotion... It's really rich for face if you have oily skin but ok with thin layer. It's really good and work well to moisture our skin on body and hand. About the scent there is a very very soft creamy-clean-lightly floral. Overall I'm quite satisfy with Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentré.
Too Rich For Face But Good For Skin!
I loved the fact that this is a multi function moisturiser printer and mask all in one. It feels really nourishing for the skin! Saves me a lot of time in the morning too.
Hydrating moisturiser
I saw this product on several make up artist post and they were raving about it. I tried and it was such an easy to use product! I have very sensitive skin as you can see in the photo and just a little squeeze and the product actually glides over my skin and absorbed almost immediately. Best of all it actually smells nice. Love it!
Really nice product!
Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concretré contains renowned ingredients from natural origin - shea butter beeswax aloe vera and soy proteins - combined with dermatological active ingredients such as hyalauric acid and collagen. My skin is sensitive and prone to dryness and itch. The cream has medium weight but is easy to apply on skin providing a nourishing and moisturised layer for skin even under hot and humid climates. This multipurpose cream can be used as a make-up base moisturiser mask cleanser and post-shave care. My skin had a minor flare with redness and itchiness. Within 30 minutes after application of this cream redness subsided and skin becomes more calm and soothed. Comfortable for dry and sensitive skin!
I have always saw this product on most infuencers posts but dare not go ahead to try as the cream looks thick and may not suit my sensitive skin. To my surprise not only its not thin its easy to absorb after I spread it out thin and used it as a mosturizer. I have even attempted to apply it on my kneecap dry spot and its less itchy now.
Love this product
This is a good moisturizer that helps to improve dry skin condition. I have been using this moisturizer for almost 1 week now and found it helps improve my dry flaky skin condition. This moisturizer can be applied day and night. For day time I have been applying it before using UV sunscreen and make-up. It gives a glowing complexion. Night time application is after applying toner and helps to maintain moisture on my face. This creme has a mild fragrance.
Great Moisturiser
The product looks greasy but surprisingly it can be easily absorb into my skin without leaving an oily trace.
Easily absorb and moisturise my skin
Glad to know this classic highly-raved multifunction moisturizer + primer is finally selling at local drugstore. Used to try this product many years ago when travelling to Paris and now after years my dry sensitive skin still love it. I like to use this during day time as my moisturizer especially so that I can skip primer step before foundation. The texture is a bit thicker but easily spreadable and absorb. I can use it even on my skin feels irritated love it.
Classic French skincare
Really enjoyed the product which was has a subtle yet pleasant smell is light and non-sticky on the skin which really helped in our humid climate.It leaves a smooth protective layer on the skin and makes one feel pampered with its nutritive properties.
Awesome Multi-function Product
Embryolisse Lait Crème Contcentré as one cream for all. Currently I mostly used it as my moisturizing mask and good thing about this creme it feels light and no sticky feeling nice fragrance is really a bonus on top of all.But to share with you Embryolisse Lait Crème ContcentréIt has many more benefits as Hydrating cream Moisturizing mask Make-up premier even we can use it as Make-up remover!!I am totally ready to bring this only one cream while I am travelling
One creme for All
My extra sensitive skin appreciate this cream! I have been hearing raves about this cream being a great makeup primer. As I rarely put on makeup now I can't test it out based on that claim. However I was told to moisturise more for my post-laser treatment and I decided to give cream a try. It helps with soothing my redness and speeding up the healing process. This is definitely a must purchase and it is multi-functional too!
Soothes my post-laser skin!
If you’ve never used this I’d recommend you try. It’s a multi use MUA HG because there are so many uses for it! It can be used as a moisturiser a moisturising mask a makeup remover and a makeup base. It’s a paraffin based hydrating milky texture. I’ve enjoyed using it as a makeup base and morning moisturiser but was pleasantly surprised to see how well it worked as a makeup remover without irritating or stripping the skin. It even leaves a protective moisture film after removal. Perfect for anyone with dry sensitive skin. I used it on my grandpa as a moisturising sleeping mask and he enjoyed it as well!
Embryolisse Lait Cream Concentrate
A life-saver Embryolisse multi-purpose moisturiser that nourished my skin after applying. It's creamy and brilliantly sank into the skin with no leftover residue turned out smooth and soft for my skin.Conveniently only for a tiny cream pulp pressed from the tube it could be applied to all over the face area. Hassle-free and it could be used as a Moisturiser Make-up Premier and Moisturising Mask - all purposes in one cream.@embryolisse @tryandreview #moisturiser #cream #tryandreview #skincare #embryolisse #beauty
Zen Yip
Embryolisse a multi-purpose moisturiser
The product is absorbed on my skin but do not suit my combination skin. My forehead gets oily quickly. The picture attached is after applying product.
Moisturizing but do not suit my oily combination skin.
It feels rich when it goes on first but interestingly it isn't heavy and it turns comfortably supple and soft after that. I think it's absorbed pretty quick. I also tried it as an overnight moisture mask by slapping on a thicker layer I woke up with glowing skin! Not a fan of the scent.. it’s not offensive but my husband said it smells like his grandmother.
Feels rich and creamy but goes on light