SkinCare Ingredients to watch out for giftshopping this Christmas 2021

A sure fire way to show a lady friend you care? Getting them coupons to their favourite Skin Care Brand (psst! Embroylisse is good for both your girl- and boy-friends!)

Want to take this a step further?

Have a chat with them about the types of ingredients they include in their skincare!

Do they include:

Phtalates, Polyethylene glycol (PEGs) and Parabens?

These often everyday ingredients are highlighted as potentially harmful and not doing your skin any favors–

I’m sure you’ve heard of Fragrances being the sneaky mask for a collection of other chemicals that may or may not age your body faster. Meet Phtalates, typically used in perfumes to help smells stick but also used as fragrance glue in your makeup! Studies show phtalates have a negative influence on our body’s endocrine system, forcing early puberty and lowering sperm counts. Quite the price to pay for a better smelling product.

Got a cream based foundation or a similar product? Keep your eyes peeled for Polyethylene glycol (PEGs). Quite possibly petroleum derived and a known agitator for sensitive skin, they are for thickening formulations and moisture carrying. Perhaps knowing too that it’s also used as a laxative would help us understand that it’s worth avoiding. Our skin does eat whatever we keep on it after all.

A body wash claiming to be Paraben-free was not just a 2019 banned marketing gimmick:

Parabens affect the body in the above two’s effects combined — hormone disruption, skin irritations, and the worst of all, it increases the risk of cancer. It typically functions as a preservative to keep your products usable for longer and most products now use a safe amount of it.

Keep an eye out for it still and check the FDA standards for that particular paraben that’s lurking in your product as yes, there are many different forms of the chemical!

Above all, use what you’re comfortable with and enjoy the skincare comfort you deserve, because ultimately, your comfort is worth reaching for.

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