Non Greasy ultra hydrating moisturizer

Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentraté  is non greasy/oily yet leaves your skin supple and ultra hydrated.The package says this can be used as primer moisturizer make up remover after shave or as a lotion for babies and children. I used as moisturizer .I used this as moisturizer  on my face before sleep the next morning skin was visibly hydrated and feels so soft.I also used it on my hands feet(which tend to dry often) and the hydrating effects are clearly visible.I used for 6 days so far and the results are clearly visible. I used as belowAfter shower morning and evening I applied on my face as a moisturizer. Before going to bed applied on my feet and hands too as moisturizer.Though this is non greasy/oily the hydrating effects are just awesome it brought back life to my dull skin.I will definitely  recommend it.