Lait-Creme Concentre (multi-purpose moisturizer)

For the price it is definitely a steal for a multi-function moisturizer. I have use this product for a week both day and night as my moisturizer for my face and body. The photo shown is 1 week of usage as you can see I don’t need to use much for application.The consistency is creamy and my skin feels velvety upon application. An excellent makeup primer for dry skin! My make up stays much longer when I use it as my makeup base around my cheek area. Would definitely use it as my makeup base.In terms of using it as a moisturizer it wouldn’t be my first choice for my face for night use as I require heavier moisturizer to keep the moisture in (the woe of sleeping in air-conditioned room). I would probably use it on top of my moisturizer. Nonetheless it does an amazing job with the dryness on my elbow and knee comparable to some of my favorite body lotion.