Embryolisse lait-creme Sensitive

The package came dented hence the creme inside oozed out immediately once I punctured the opening so I used quite a fair bit of creme immediately on my dry skin. I tend to have dry fingers as well as the folds around my elbow and knees due to sensitive skin which always get irritation and I’ll scratch until red and inflamed. I tried Embryolisse on those areas on the first day and it was really soothing on my skin. Texture was watery but quick absorption and doesn’t leave any oiliness and seems to act as a protective barrier and I don’t scratch those areas as often. Only downside is the smell is very medicinal to me so not everyone can accept. I had also been using this on my 2yo girl as she has similar skin condition as me and she doesn’t seem to scratch the ezcema prone areas as often either!