How To Rejuvenate Dry Skin

Feeling uncomfortable with parched skin and aching for a quick fix for noticeable pores? Here at Embryolisse we’ve found a few little secrets–

Following these 3 little “R”s will put you one step closer towards being more comfortable in your skin:

1. Refresh!

At least once a day, wash off all the dirt, excess oil and makeup residue off of your face especially to prevent clogged pores. Keeping your pores free will help your skin avoid looking congested and are beneficial to your body’s handling of toxins through your pores! Use warm water whenever possible and if you’ve to choose between bottled water and micellar water, pick micellar! As your skin prefers being more acidic than your typical Spritzer.

You can also use our Lait-Crème Concentre as a handy makeup remover before wiping it all off with some cotton or tissue!

2. Repair

We need food for better organs. Your skin counts too– eating food rich in antioxidants will promote the healthy development and repair of your body’s largest organ. Among these edibles to keep an eye out for are:

– Salmon
– Greens (Leafy vegetables!)
– Nuts and Berries
– Tomatoes

And of course avoiding foods do help as well for skin repair:

Unfortunately for those of us who like our cafe lattes, milk and dairy products can contribute to bad skin as per this study done in 2016

Fortunately for us on the other hand, chocolate has narrowly escaped the bad-for-skin list, contrary to what you may have heard as a teen.

3. Rejuvenate

Or Regrow, whichever better for memory, through all sorts of skin-foods otherwise known as moisturizers, serums, facemasks or face packs and expensive face spas that may cost some of us half a month’s wages or more

Here’s where Embryolisse comes in with affordable skincare with an assortment of uses that covers your everyday needs, even for your partner who may be less into skincare than you are.

A light milky solution, it can be a moisturizer or facemask, down to even a shaving cream for your man. Talk about comforting skincare for the whole family! We’ve a version especially for sensitive skin, with only a hint of fragrance-free difference. Suitable even for infants!

Don’t forget to squeeze a dab of Embryolisse Lait-Crème Concentre, start from the center of your forehead and massage outwards. Repeat with the rest of your skin, section by section in soothing circular motions. Enjoy!

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